Shane O'Neill Associates

Shane O'Neill Associates (SONA) provides practical consulting and interim management services to private sector, public sector and third sector clients.


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We operate across a variety of markets and very different cultures - but we have particularly deep experience and connectivity in information businesses and the public sector.


Our value proposition to clients includes strategic market mapping, workflow needs analysis, stakeholder engagement, market research and 'go to market' effectiveness analyses.  


We do see the blue sky  - but we are also highly focussed on pragmatic deliverables. It is possible to do both ; in fact, it is essential!


ELGIN is the latest example of our effectiveness in growing a commercial enterprise within the complex compliance and cultural contexts  of the UK local government and the transport industry communities.



More about ELGIN

Shane O'Neill Associates does not only blog and speak about public sector information issues - we put these views into creative practice.
ELGIN is a practical example of how to surface important transport information from the disaggregated silos of local government and to make that data available to industry and the public on Open Data terms.
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