Shane O'Neill

I am Shane O'Neill: Father, Fisherman, Founder of various digital businesses & corporate publisher

Now entering my Third Phase - balancing personal and professional activities at a less frenetic pace!

This blog is a referral site where I can store reflections, comment on my continuing professional interests, & record my developing personal experiences and activities.

It contains a private log in area for Family & Friends. 

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Who’s afraid of the big bad social network?

by Julian Fagandini, Associate

We are increasingly hearing from our clients about their concerns that the social media phenomenon is starting to disrupt their business. Some ask us whether they should either establish mechanisms to manage staff usage or simply block all access to social networking sites. Others come to us from a different angle and wonder whether there are advantages to allowing open access and, if so, how to manage this.

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Professional Reflections

The man who invented the wheel - twice!

When the former Labour minister Jack Straw walked over to Sir Tim Berners Lee during the latter’s introduction to an awestruck UK Cabinet in June 2009 and said how honoured he was to meet the man who had invented the World Wide Web, he said: “It’s like meeting the man who invented the wheel”. Straw’s colleague’s cruel follow up: “And what was that like Jack?”  seems destined already  to become part of web folklore. 

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Government pioneers the semantic web

Among the many remarkable things about our new Coalition Government is the extent to which it has deepened the previous Government’s commitment to open data policies.

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