I am Shane O'Neill: Father, Fisherman, Founder of various digital businesses & corporate publisher

Now entering my Third Phase - balancing personal and professional activities at a less frenetic pace!

This blog is a referral site where I can store reflections, comment on my continuing professional interests, & increasingly record my developing personal experiences and activities.

After years of corporate publishing life, in 2011 I led the buy-out of Elgin, the data technology company whose platform is located at  roadworks.orgIn 2018 I stepped down as Chairman, when Elgin was sold to a private equity company.

I now devote myself to a range of personal and professional activities of my own choice! The views expressed on this site are my own personal observations. A mix of  memories, articles and observations reflecting something of the life and work balance characteristic of post-corporate life.

The blog contains a private log in area for Family & Friends. 

Shane O'Neill

1 December 2018