National Information Framework

National Information Framework

By admin On 10 November 2012 In Professional

The Advisory Panel on Public  Sector Information  has published its discussion  paper on A National Information Framework.

Building very much on the Dutch and Danish models of  attempting to put a strategic framework around the release of public data - rather than sustaining the long and tedious  civil war between Open Data cavaliers  and Trading Fund roundheads  in government ( see passim this column), the paper takes a middle ground between the extremities of the public sector information debate.

While commenting waspishly - or as waspishly as such a variously composed body such as APPSI can ever be - the paper points out the obvious contradictions in Government's position : a government committed to the Open Data cause, there is a paradox in that some of the most useful data currently produced in the public sector – considered "core reference data sets? by many - are charged for. Such fundamental inconsistencies need to be addressed.

The paper goes on, not to delineate conclusions, but to try and steer the debate to pragmatic and strategic focus on what we need in data terms to run Government and stimulate economic activity and social advantage.

It remains to be seen, within the deeply un-Transparent development of Government's Transparency agenda, and amid the continuing proliferation of newly created acronymic advisory bodies ( how has APPSI survived since 2003?), whether this thinking will take root. 

But such a call for a strategic approach and a joining up of various different Government annnouncements and initiatives into a coherent whole should be welcomed.

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