The Angel of Death

The Angel of Death

By admin On 1 December 2015 In Reflections

Gazing up at the great portrait of the Victorian liberal John Bright in the Reform Club this week - the week of the Syrian war vote.

Recalling his famous speech against the Crimean War in the House of Commons in February 1855 and wishing for his moral eloquence today:

"The Angel of Death has been abroad throughout the land; you may almost hear the beating of his wings. There is no one, as when the first-born were slain of old, to sprinkle with blood the lintel and the two side-posts of our doors, that he may spare and pass on; he takes his victims from the castle of the noble, the mansion of the wealthy, and the cottage of the poor and lowly."

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  • admin

    30 October 2018 John Bright
    We need J B now to write a philippic on behalf of the 400 k innocent citizens of Raccah as the bombs that satisfy the requirement for action rain down , letting the well heeled from Esher to Eastbourne to sleep at night knowing something pointless has been done.

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